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Florida Aquascapes is a custom swimming pool builder based out of Lakeland, Florida. We specialize in custom pools, fiberglass swimming pools, custom decks, spa installations, and remodels. You can trust our team of expert pool builders.

How We Work

Florida Aquascapes prides itself on designing and building one of a kind custom swimming pools. We also specialize in remodeling outdated and unsightly pools! The process begins with an on-sight appointment with one of our trusted salespeople. During the initial appointment, you will discuss the shape, design, features, and materials you are desiring. After the first appointment, the design team will put together a 3D drawing. This process can take up to but not limited to 7 to 10 business days. The 3D drawings are a result of the information that was provided to the salesperson and to the design team. Your vision and desires will be reflected in our 3D drawing and video. This will give us the capabilities to change and edit any drawings or designs of your pool before the contract is signed. We can build fiberglass pools, custom decks, and hot tub installations. We will create an estimated cost of your dream pool / remodel and present this to you in a second appointment. It is our desire that this process is smooth and enjoyable to all. For our swimming pool contractors, communication is the #1 priority.

A Great Investment

You are considering transforming your backyard, or pre-existing pool. You have so much to think of and plan for. This is your oasis. This is your favorite family spot to get together. This is your present and this is your future. Are you thinking about the now and the future? If you are great!  Times are always changing and with that, you will want to keep in mind this is an investment of your property. 

Building and or remolding can be costly depending on your wants, needs, and desires. You are ready! and you've made your decision to move forward with investing in your property. You will want an experienced swimming pool contractor, and we know just the guys for you.

 With over 37 years in the swimming pool industry, it is no question, Yes We Can Help! Join with us as we are happy to guide you through the designing and building process of your pool. Answering any and all questions that you may have; And ensuring that there are no unsaid concerns along the way. 

When one asks, "How much does a swimming pool cost in central Florida?" We are open and honest to say, "It's not cheap." It is a big investment and we want our customers to be knowledgeable and feel good about their decisions. We are very familiar with the costs of products and building materials that will be used, as this is our business. Our pool builders are happy to help you; and willing to share information regarding lenders for your new pool design, build, and or remodel. Call or email Us Today!


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